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KomInnovation Ltd
Establishment:13 January 1997
Capital:JPD 7,000,000
Number of Employee: 59 people (Till September of 2018, including cooperating company)
President: Yasuyoushi Fujimoto
Our goal is to make the society, market, customers, correspondent connection and our employess believe in our value.
All of our employees unitedly face the future and keep progressing. We aim to be seen as the valuable company by the society and to be the roots of our employees which is safe and secure.

Management Principle

To create the wealthy future for the society (Customers),
To catch the needs of the society (customers), we create satisfaction.
1. Customers Come First
With our honesty, we accept customers' opinions and keep upgrading both our services and products.

2. Safe and Healthy
All of our employees value the importance of being safe and healthy which are the most essential two things of all time.

3. Trust
Our employees share information and values with aiming the clear targets and mission. To achieve the results of trusting, to think before act is necessary. Always remember morality in mind and be grateful to people whilst working.

4.Pursuit of Efficiency and Speed
We think a well-organisd mind is a must. We don't waste the capability of our employees and we don’t force our employees, therefore; they can achieve in their own way.

5.Character Formation
Be willing to do, be happy to bear.

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